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Filigree craftsmanship meets innovative design

"Zieher glasses are all about top quality craftsmanship, which is created in one of the most innovative and best glass blowing work- shops in the world. Each glass is unique and has been created from lead-free crystalline glass using a traditional, hand-blown method. As well as having a perfect, highly sophisticated and fascinating design, the glasses in the VISION range are guaranteed to provide maximum aroma and optimum development of the wine. However, it is particularly the fascination of the light, the colours and the visual depth that make it impossible to tear your eyes away from the glass, because: You have never seen wine like this!"


The Vision

"No distinction is made between red wine or white wine glasses in this collection, the glasses are simply theme-based or character- based. The names of the glasses clearly explain what they are used for. You intuitively reach for the glass which presents the flavours of the wine that you particularly wish to emphasise in the best way. If you want a powerful wine to be more harmonious or a touch live- lier and fresher, you pick the glass with the designation that reflects your requirement best." 

Silvio Nitzsche

VISION - you have never seen wine like this!

The wide opening of this glass allows the carbon dioxide in sparkling wines to gently evaporate. This prevents the aroma perception of the nose from being broadsided by a concentration of carbon dioxide, which is often the case with classic sparkling wine glasses. The glass provides the palate with a centralised aroma concentration, which allows the wine to express its exquisitely lively, refreshing and light character. The development of the flavour-carrying, freshly acidic structures is encouraged, and individual features of the bouquet are brought into focus.

FRESH 5480.01 (2 pieces)

For extremely fresh white wines, Prosecco or any variety of
sparkling wine, and light rosé wines

The characteristics of the wine are reflected harmoniously one to one in this glass. The authenticity of the aroma culture of a grape variety is made discernible and presented in an unpretentious way, which makes this glass particularly suitable for all types of authentic grape varieties such as Riesling or Sauvignon Blanc. Light, aromatic red wines are transformed into pure drinking enjoyment.

STRAIGHT 5480.02 (2 pieces)

For pure grape varieties and fruity / aromatic red and white wines

The tapering neck of this glass intensifies the aroma molecules, which are positively hurled out of the glass. The acidity is harmoniously structured in the fruit bouquet, and completes the opulent overall sensation of strength. The glass provides intensive oxidation, making it ideal for any wine that can be decanted or served in carafes.

INTENSE 5480.03 (2 pieces)

For opulent, great growth, powerful white and red wines, rustic, acidic white and red wines, young and middle aged Bordeaux wines

A perfect glass for wine that is not for decanting because of its sensitive structure, but still requires a great deal of air. This crystal emanates pure consonance.
Even with discordant wines, it succeeds in creating a concentrated and highly elegant impression. This glass turns wine into a complete aromatic experience, without overdoing it.

BALANCED 5480.04 (2 pieces)

For white and red Burgundy, great Piedmontese wines, highly complex but sensitive white and red wines, extremely opulent rosé wines and old vintage champagne

A glass for the majority of heavyweight or high-proof drinks. The small presentation surface ensures that the wine or brandy does not become overly concentrated, so that the heavyweight aromatic elements are released in a nuanced way. Due to the glass having a narrow opening the nose cannot go in very far, which prevents the perceiving mucous membranes from receiving a barrage of alcohol.

RICH 5480.05 (2 pieces)

For fortified, sweet and dessert wines and any type of spirit

The wide chalice is perfect for stylish presentations of creative cocktails, spectacular hors d‘oeuvres or sophisticated sweets. In combination with SIDE ideal for plain water, for easy service distinguishing both types of water.

NOSTALGIC 5480.06 (2 pieces)

For cocktails or as a food glass

Complementing the wine glass series, this glass is the tasteful companion for a stylish presentation of carbonated mineral water and soft drinks. The carbon dioxide is harmonised and the acids and mineral elements of fine sources are delivered to the tongue and the palate in a refreshing way, without being intrusive.

SIDE 5480.07 (2 pieces)

For carbonated mineral water and soft drinks

VISION - flyer Download

”Of course, there is life without wine, but who wants that?“

During a career which has spanned more than twenty years, Silvio Nitzsche has looked after both the guests and the wine as a sommelier in some of the best Michelin-starred restaurants.


Some of his highest-profile positions have been:

- Sommelier at ”Dieter Müller“ Restaurant
(19.5 GM, *** Michelin), Bergisch Gladbach / GER

- Sommelier at ”Erna´s Elderberry House“, Oakhurst / CA, USA 

- Deputy Manager and Sommelier at
”Speisemeisterei“ Restaurant (18 GM, ** Michelin), Stuttgart / GER


Silvio Nitzsche has now found a new home in the city of Dresden, where he has been working as a sommelier for over ten years. At the WEIN | KULTUR | BAR that he opened here, he and his team have managed to establish a wine bar that many wine enthusiasts consider to be one of the best in Europe. He has succeeded in creating a place where wine is a permanent feature.


Wittenberger Straße 86
01277 Dresden - Striesen

Silvio Nitzsche

VISION by Zieher wins "Gold" at the Star-Award by Tophotel-Magazine! We want to thank the more than 4,000 readers who voted!


With high quality craftsmanship masterpieces are created from leadfree crystal - become fascinated!

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