Decanter STAR

Star & DryPod
Star & DryPod
Star & DryPod

The individual star in the centre of the ”Star“ decanter integrates the oxygen in the interior of the wine by gentle swings. The wine develops the aroma very gently and balanced from its inside and not, as with other decanters, at the surface only.

The reduced size is perfectly suitable for the decanting of wines by the glass and small bottles. Additionally, it offers the possibility to decant white wines and to temper them in a cooler. Also suitable for dessert wines, the staging of high-end cocktails, fl avoured spirits, exotic juices and other delights to the palate.

Here you will find all information about STAR and the little STAR-Mini.


Decanter EDDY

DryPod & Eddy

Inside the ”Eddy” decanter, the wines pass a development in taste and structure by circulating and with manifold swirls in a time-lapse. Within seconds, the wine experiences a respiration, which normally can only be reached in a decanting process of several hours.

The small “Eddy” is perfectly suitable for the decanting of wines by the glass or small bottles. Thereby the ideal charge to maximise the content of oxygen is 0.375 ltr. The compact design is perfectly suited to decant white wines first and then to temper in a wine cooler.

Interesting facts about EDDY and the principle of swirling can be found here.


Decanter DOPPIO

Doppio & DryPod

When pouring into the “Doppio” decanter, the wine is distributed over two levels, creating appealing visual effects and maximizing the oxygen contact of the wine through the significantly enlarged surface. The division into two is retained even when pouring out and intensifies the ventilation through additional swirling.

More information about DOPPIO and the waterfall effect available here.


Decanter PEBBLE

The handblown decanter in classical shape results from the high craftsmanship of experienced glass blowers. The shaping of the neck, the bell-bottomed body and the three dents, integrated in the bottom, already provide a maximisation of the surface during the pouring. Thus the maximum possible contact with oxygen and at the same time, a mild development of the wine can be achieved.
Inducted by the shaping, the wine runs along the complete inner surface already during the filling. Three dents in the bottom provide a gentle swirl and a soft aeration. This effect can be intensified by a soft slewing.

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