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Below is a great collection of very special Zieher moments. Thanks so much for your creativity!

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I have the simplest tastes. I am always satisfied with the best.

– Oscar Wilde





Foto: @IlViaggioInUnCalice

True luxury is not loud, does not scream - true luxury whispers.

– Carsten K. Rath

Eating is a need, enjoying is an art.

– Francois de La Rochefoucauld

“My experiences with the Zieher VISION series have been outstanding.
The glasses praise the wine, they are extremely light, give expressiveness to the wine and are also a beautiful design object. They are a must-have for every wine lover and I also became Zieher-addicted."

- Emanuele Trono, Italy |

“As a wine influencer, I have tasted thousands of wines in all glass shapes and sizes.
The INTENSE wine glass is the perfect balance of beauty and functionality. It is a piece of art in your hand, that delivers and intensifies the wine aromas and characteristics through its unique and beautiful bulbous base. When using the glass for wine tastings in bars, people literally flooded me with comments about its beauty. Simply spectacular and one of the best wine glasses I have ever tasted with.”

- Walid Romaya, USA |

”Wine glasses from Zieher stand for absolute top quality.
In my whole career as a wine blogger, I have never found glasses which accentuate the flavours like VISION does. My absolute recommendation!“

- Laurens Mauquoi, Germany |

“With their VISION series, Zieher managed to design innovative wine glasses, which lift wine tasting to a completely new level
I’m thrilled and can recommend explicitly their glass INTENSE for opulent wines. It stages particularly the German Riesling.”“

- Daniel Bayer, Germany |

"Of course, there is life without wine, but who wants that?”

Zieher glasses are all about top quality craftsmanship, which is created in one of the most innovative and best glass-blowing workshops in the world.

Each glass is unique and has been created from lead-free crystalline glass, using a traditional glass-blowing method. As well as having a perfect, highly sophisticated and fascinating design, the glasses in the VISION range are guaranteed to provide maximum aroma and optimum development of the wine. However, it is particularly the fascination of the light, the colours and the visual depth, that makes it impossible to tear your eyes away from the glass, because: You have never seen wine like this!

Silvio Nitzsche

"Damn, these glasses are brilliant after all!"

Bert Gamerschlag for STERN / 22.08.2019 page 118

That say ...

"To be honest, when I had these wine glasses in the mail in May, I found them snobbish and stupid. (...) When I tested the glasses, I realized: Damn, these glasses are brilliant after all! They make every wine sparkle in an errant way and ensure that its perception of colour - beyond the aromas and taste - becomes the pleasure it could have always been, but never really."
Bert Gamerschlag, culinary expert of Stern about the wine glasses of the VISION series.


22.08.2019 edition


Glass artworks - "The aromas can unfold much better. Many manufacturers attribute taste-promoting properties of this kind to their glasses - but they are actually noticeable in the Zieher chalices."

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

23.12.2019 edition, column "That's what I want" , page34


Wine Glasses With Style and Function
Some of the wine glasses that the chef and restaurateur Günter Seeger has selected for Günter Seeger NY, his elegant restaurant in the West Village, are showstoppers. The generous bowls curve upward as they meet the stem. (...)

The New York Times

Ausgabe vom 25.04.2018
New York Edition, Seite D3