the double!
Waterfall effekt

DOPPIO - may it be something more?

In  the  “Doppio”  decanter,  wine  is  given  a  double  stage  that  attracts  attention and provides surprising effects.

The geometric silhouette and the reduced design appears almost technical and directs the view to the inside, because the whole secret of this extraordinary design only discloses in filled condition.

Attractive visual effects appear already during the pouring process when the wine is divided onto both levels of the “Doppio” decanter. It almost seems that the wine is levitating.

DOPPIO levitating wine!

In addition to the natural flow of the wine, which pours over the inside of the decanter onto the two levels, the division into two levels also has an extremely beneficial effect on the development of the wine. The splitting creates a significantly larger surface of the wine with a comparatively small space requirement on the table, which maximises the possible oxygen contact. The division also remains when pouring out, so that the cascaded flow creates a waterfall effect, which additionally increases aeration through swirling.

DOUBLE STAGE for maximized oxygen contact!

“Doppio” is elaborately handcrafted from high quality borosilicate glass, which is robust and easy to clean. The ideal charge of the decanter is 0.75 litres in order to generate maximum oxygen contact and the most beautiful optical effects.

GEOMETRIC SILHOUETTE elaborately handcrafted
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