"Of course, there is life without wine, but who wants that?"
Silvio Nitzsche, owner WEIN | KULTUR | BAR


The Vision: "No distinction is made between red wine or white wine glasses in this collection, the glasses are simply theme-based or character- based. The names of the glasses FRESH, STRAIGHT, INTENSE, BALANCED, RICH, NOSTALGIC and SIDE clearly explain what they are used for." - Silvio Nitzsche, Sommelier, Dresden

All information, product flyer and videos for “Vision”, the exclusive wine glass series, can be found here:



The wine development workers!
The decanter "Star" synergizes the aesthetics of a unique copy with the functionality of a professional tool for vinophile pleasure. The individual star raises each carafe to a unique piece.
The decanter "Eddy" defines the world of extreme wine instruments in a completely new way.  Discover these and other fascinating decanters from Zieher!

Here you will find all information about STAR and the little STAR-Mini.

Interesting facts about EDDY and the principle of swirling can be found here.

More information about Doppio and the waterfall effect available here.

Champagne coolers and glasses

The perfect companions for festive occasions give your festivities a truly special character .

All products of the Zieher Selection can be found in our catalogues FOR DESIGN LOVERS and FOR WINE LOVERS.